Hayoka is a Native American term given to medicine people and sometimes a tricksters. These people worked for their community, influencing them into doing what was necessary for the . The orignial spelling is Heyoka, without an a. I have changed the spelling giving it a more femmine feelling. It was a name given to me at 17 and one that has stayed with me throughout my life. A person of change, a person teaching us to let go, as they let go themselves. Letting go also means trusting. I do no mean trusting blindly  but trusting that when we create the conditions for balance, steadyness, quietness  through disipline and practice we learn to trust and letting go becomes easy. Letting go of who you thought you should be, or what you thought you should have, allowing you to recreate and fully express all your potetial. 


The name means: trickster or medicine woman. It can have negative meaning, but it also can have positive. As all things in life. My translation on the word Hayoka is a person who without directly telling, but perhaps pushing gently, watching closely and hearig or just being present 



I am a strong believer in disipline and regualar practice. I sometime use explain to my students, if you want to be a marathon runner you must pracice running, so if you want to be a peaceful you must practice peaceful. If you want to understand asana you must practice asana, and if you want to learn to let go you need to be holding on to something to even understand what letting go means. So, be bin a strong fluid practice. Perhaps some would disagree yet the release of  endorphanes combined with the deep breath work, focus and guidance,  gives this practice such an amazing experience of being fiercely alive and deeply calm.


Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga! Water, wind, waves and moves. This style is peaceful, challenging and so much fun. "My favortie part of teaching this class is having students lie in the final resting pose of Savasana with their hands dipped into the water and rocked by the waves." A great practice to connect to nature, challenge your balance on the board and focus the mind.
Aerial YOGA

Learn to be Held and challenge your fears! That is what the hammocks do in my classes. This Practice is strong and deeply healing. The most amazing core work while inversions become less scary. Life just seems to make sense! 




Being comfortable in our skin with yoga. These classes are designed for women to understand the importance of the body guiding the soul. Through meditation, dynamic and gentle poses and breathwork this practice will give you the courage to live fully in your body.