Self -empowerment program

Join this supportive community "Women of the Wolves" to examine how we reclaim and heal missing pieces of ourselves. Or to fortify our convictions and support our work.  Through the Lens of the 8 Limbs of Yoga & Expert Female Authors on the topic of Reclaiming the Wild Women Nature, we will examine the many works of these authors, how they relate to the 8 limbs and put them into practical use.

To join the Facebook group and weekly calls you will start by signing up for the 6 week  Women ~ Wolves course. This six-week exploration of our underworld within each of us, the world within us and unseen to others, the one we must feed to truly understand our wild nature.


A six-week course of yoga and empowerment!


Self-Empowerment through the lens of Yoga and Women.
"Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes is just one of many profound teaching manuals for women and men. Amy Kokoszka found first began working, investigating, and integrating it into her Yoga teaching nearly a decade ago and has found it to be a manual for all to learn to understand instinct and rhythm.

In this powerful 6-week course you will be guided through some of the most precious learning tools this book and other significate females writers in their field of health, re-wilding, and self-empowerment have to offer. It will encourage a deeps sense of intuitive knowledge of the creative life allowing it to reveal itself clearly while recovering deep and important messages from the soul. A gentle exploration of how we may hold onto trauma and grief will be explored. 
Reading, reflection, journaling, sharing, creative activities, meditation, one to one discovery calls, all through the lens of yoga: including breath-work, asana, and meditation, we will arrive at a better sense of our internal home.
You will participate in long lovely Yin postures (for all levels) as well as restorative postures and slow and mildly active asana to help promote an opening in your physical body.  This will indeed bring about some expansion of your inner powers, super-powers, and wisdom. 
Each week we will meet online together for a 1.5-hour session followed by 30 mins of meditation or Q&A. 
You will be given small writing assignments and other creative assignments related to that week's reading and how it shows itself in your own life. 
A big part of this is community sharing, but not at all necessary if you just need to come and hear stories and rest deeply in the asanas and postures do! You are welcome.

A private group is set up outside the classroom to connect and build community.
If you feel lost, join, afraid, join. If you are powerful, join, if you want more joy, join, if you want to be held, JOIN!

This 6-week project of love and self-empowerment is one of Amy's Deepest offerings to date.
What you will need.
1. A copy of Women who run with the wolves.
2. A writing Journal.
3. Time each week for personal writing and reflection (1 hour)
4. Yoga mat, cozy clothes, and sacred space.
5. Other props like a bolster and blocks, not necessary but lovely.
This is limited to 20 women and I would be honored if you joined us on this journey of inward reflection and hearing the voices of the wild within each woman. 
You can sign up t the course at any time.
This includes 6 one and a half-hour, online live classes.
One email correspondence per week of your work. 
Private group interaction set-up.
One Prerecorded Yin Class Per Week.
One to one discovery call with Amy
125 euro for the full course.
Concessions made.

For further questions drop Amy an email at hayoka.yoga@gmail.com or for additional support.