May 15 -17th Yoga and Juice Retreat 

with Amy Kokoszka





Arrival between 1 pm - 5pm Welcome Juice get

YOGA Yin and Love 6 pm 

Tea, Manifestations and Chats 7:30 pm


8 Rise and TONIC 

8:30 - 11:30 Yoga for Strength and Grounding 

12- 1 smoothie 

1:30 - 3:30 Mindful Walking, Reading and Nature time

3:30 Warm Tonics/ Smoothies and Juices


5:30 Light Smoothie and Tea

7:30 - 9:30 Yin/Yang YOGA for Deep Sleep

9:45 Potions, Teas and Tonics



8 am Rise and Tonic

8:30 am Meditation Walk 

9:30 am  Smoothies

10 am Closing Yoga and Chat

11:30 am Warm tea and tonics

1 pm Soothing Smoothies  

2 pm prepare for home

Join Amy a for a weekend of deep gentle cleansing, introspection and self-care.

Description of event:

This Weekend of Juice and Yoga is designed to reset the bodies digestive tract, the central system for health and healing. The focus is on clearing the body of toxins and building strength being self-reflective, quiet and taking deep and rest.


Amy Kokoszka will be guiding you through yoga-inspired by her regular practise of Ashtanga and Yin. She will weave in elements of manifestation and purification tools to assist in the process of the body. With access to a sauna, beautiful mountain trails and roaring fires. The weekend is aimed at bringing clarity to the mind, lightness to the body and a content heart.


Mornings will consist of a long thoughtful yoga practice inspired by ashtanga making it a little sweaty and include some deep Yin. Finishing with complete relaxation, chanting and journey to the dream world.  After lunch, we can rest, go on a silent hike, take a long sauna or bath, read a good book, or sip tea by the open fire. In the evening we work on healing the body through a more gentle practice, finally ending with Yin Yoga.


This weekend will restart the system leaving you feeling fully energized, full of life and cleared of all that no longer serves you. 

Apart from the AMAZING YOGA, you will learn how to make and sample ;) smoothies and juices, as well as teas and snacks, that will replace old naughty habits. These rejuvenating and satisfying treats will help in rebooting the entire system.  From Ginger shots to thick smoothies, cocoa nibbles to satisfying treats. 

On the final day, we will share a beautiful, simple and light Auyverdic meal together. 


Journaling your experience is important as it aids in transformation, so bring one. Also, bring an open heart and an intention to shift and let go.


€300 before March 5th Amy's Birthday :D

€325 after 

€100 deposit required to hold your place 

Amy for further queries.

Our true self, for which we are seeking is also seeking us.