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Who is Hayoka Yoga?

I am that I am

Soham  (सो ऽहम् 

Amy is the founder of Rathmines Collective  ( that began back in January 2018. 

She currently teaches the Ashtanga Mysore Program and Yin in the Hayoka Studio in Rathmines Collective. Amy created a holistic workspace to be used by and with her community.

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Amy grew up on Cape Breton Island, Canada, a place with beautiful woods and forest, wild animals, and waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  She was strongly influenced by her surroundings and the multi-cultured community of Cape Breton including the Mi'kmaq Frist Nations People, her father's people of Poland, and her mother's strong French Acadian and Irish roots. These reflected in her own spiritual life and later showed itself through her yoga practice and teaching. 


She holds a Master's Degree in Community Economic Development, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, along with holistic training and alternative practices. She credits much of her creativity and joy to a regular yoga practice. "Yoga came before all of these it has keeps me grounded through life, giving me the ability to hear myself with much more clarity."

She is actively working with women and women's issues to recalibrate the trajectory we are taking as a whole, in fact being a revolutionist in her own right. 


Hatha yoga certified through Sivananda yet Asthanga yoga became her main practice. This is where she learned to challenge her boundaries of comfort and limitations, pushing herself past her mind's idea of whom she thought she was.


Amy started studying  Ashtanga yoga with Susanna Finocchi in Copenhagen Denmark in 2006 and 2007, R. Sarath Jois and  Sri K Pattabhi Jois in 2008 in Mysore, and her main teacher David Garrigues out of Philadelphia since 2013. She continues to study Ashtanga Yoga but also encompasses a none traditional approach to this practice, an approach from the stance of women and a woman in her 40's. 


Her practice has evolved over the years as does the desire to delve deeper and continue to learn."What I love about yoga is that you can recreate the idea of whom you thought you were every time you step on the mat, by utilizing the body as a guide for the soul. Once the body is cleared, cleaned, and centered you can hear with much greater clarity, what the soul has been trying to convey."

Amy has been teaching since 2000. She received her first  Teacher Training in classical Hatha yoga through Sivananda in Val-Morin, Canada, after living in the ashram for 6 months. She went on to study different modalities of Yoga including Ariel, Yin, and her main practice Ashtanga. She believes having a spiritual practice or repetitive positive, self-reflecting daily action will keep the body clean and the mind steady so the spirit can work its way easily through this world.

Currently, Amy teaches Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Woman's empowerment groups and has for the last 6 years. Her studies with various teachers have given her a unique style of teaching that focuses on self-reflection, kindness, and getting honest with the self. She draws on all spiritual practices and yet feels closest to Native American practices. To the animals, to the magic of the conscious space within.